Thursday, February 21, 2013

Team Rosters

Hey ladies!  We are very proud of the progress we have made already this week (saw some serious speed and aggression today)! Both JV and Varsity teams will be VERY strong!  We are looking forward to this season with you all and couldn't be more excited!  See you tomorrow for pictures and practice :).

Peace blessings and ram time!

Coach Sarah
Coach Laura
Coach Red

Here are the rosters, please note that there are two swing players:

Aubrey Buhl
Kourtney Carpenter
Tiffany Chea
Kate Cobourn
Sam Dearing
Sarah Dryden
Caroline Folz
Samantha Grace-Mudd
Bailey Hawkins
Rachel Hoskins
Kate Hovious
Callie Kidwell
Deborah Levin
Alex Luckert
Brigette Schuman
Molly Mathistad
Jackie Pi
Meredith Price
Hannah Seo
Hannah Smith
Madison Thompson

Junior Varsity:
Claire Ackerson
Haley Arnett (Swing)
Elizabeth Baltas
Elizabeth Brown
Sabrina Carlisle
Elanna Carr
Monica Chea
Grace Davis
Milan Eldridge
Madison Gonsalves
Maeve Grady (Swing)
Misha Haq
Ally Houston
Shivani Jindal
Avani Kabra
Jennifer Leung
Carly Lyle
Maddie McCurry
Olivia Millar
Katherine Schaaf
Katie Segal
Delayna Shulak
Elizabeth Tatro
Pratyusha Veldhi
Ayona Went
Riley Whelan
Neha Srinivasan

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